Industrial Propeller

We manufacture custom designed propellers, each made for a specific application as per the requirement of the customer. Individualized attention is maintained throughout the casting and machining process to ensure the high quality. All propellers are manufactured are as per ISO CLASS S, I, II, III standards.

Propellers vary in shapes and sizes in order to match the engine power, the boat displacement and RPMs. A proper harmony between your boat, the engine and the propeller is important. Propellers are determined by their diameter, pitch, the number of blades and the direction of rotation. 2-blade, 3-blade, 4-blade and multi-blade propellers are available. Usually the propeller size is defined as D x P, where D is the diameter and P stands for pitch.

To improve efficiency of the boat, we usually run with minimum amount of weight, use high horsepower and install the most efficient propeller. The technology in boats and engines has highly improved with time, but the above mentioned three key factors haven't changed and that makes the propeller as the most important entity to modify.